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Globalink VoIP Service Technical Requirements


Since our phone service using VoIP (voice-over IP or internet), you will need a good internet connection in order to provide phone service. You can download pingplot to test your internet link time or you can test now using this link.

While you may be able to connect without following all the requirements, you may need the following  in order to enjoy the best call quality. Please review our requirements below in order to provide you the  the highest quality service.


  • You will need sufficient internet bandwidth (in addition to the other applications running on your computer or network) to provide phone service.  Depending on your codec, you will need 64k up and down bandwidth per line. 

  • Please ensure your Internet Service Provider does not block VoIP ports or affect VoIP packets. You may have to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) if VoIP ports are blocked.

  • Please ensure you have access to the router or firewall that manages your internet connection to verify if settings allow optimal VoIP connections using Network Address Translation (NAT).

    We recommend public ip whenever possible as non-NAT (public IP) facilitates direct media packets (RTP) and removes the whole NAT traversal issues. 

    Our services will work with NAT as long as it is setup correctly.

    • Ensure that the NAT Keep Alive interval  parameter in your Linksys or voip device is set between 30-50 seconds
    • Disable ALG
    • Disable port forwarding on your NAT router
    • Ensure your firmware is upgraded to the latest provided by the device manufacturer

  • For best results we recommend an voip device like Linksys PAP2T or SPA 941 voip phone as softphones may not work properly if your computer sound card and microphone is not setup properly or you are running other applications. Free softphones may not have the necessary codec for good call quality.

  • When you run a pingplot test, ensure that your latency times to our server is less than 150ms or 150 milliseconds (time it takes for data to travel from  your device to our server).

  • Internet VoIP ports are open. Please ensure that your firewall or your ISP (internet service provider) is not blocking those ports. We will need port 5060 open or we can provide other custom ports or VPN services to provide voip services. If you have more than one voip device in the network, you will need additional ports open example 5060 for line 1, 5061 for line 2 and so on.

  • Device is setup correctly. Please follow our setup to ensure you have configured the device properly (optimal).  We recommend that we auto provision your device remotely. You will need to enter the profile path in your device and our server can automatically setup the device for you.

  • Please note for business class services, we will need to ensure your equipment will be able to handle Qos (Quality of Service).
    We recommend linkys or cisco routers with Qos. With QoS enabled, the router will manage all your internet traffic and will prioritize ip packets based on order of priority. It will give applications like VoIP higher priority and ensure your call quality is always good and consistent.

  • Codec setup. G711 is best. Free softphones may not have the necessary codec for good call quality.

  • If you using third party did or phone numbers, please ensure your provider has sufficient bandwidth and supports dtmf (for dial tone access to applications like calling card, pc phone banking). You will need fax codec t.38 support if you plan to receive faxes on your phone number. If your did carrier has oversubscribed their channels, you may get a busy signal or experience network congestion.

  • If you are using your own vendor for termination, please ensure their codec and carriers are configured properly and are not using poor quality carriers. Long delay in connecting can be due to latency in connecting to carriers among other factors.

  • Our Porta VoIP Switch is not codec dependant and does not alter your codec. Your inbound and outbound carriers must be compatible with your end user device codec settings or you may experience one-way audio and call drop problems.

  • Please refer to our online manuals at our Porta Billing Support Site

    For the comprehensive Porta Billing Private Label Reseller packages, we recommend you have a tech on staff or get our managed service support plans.

Please contact support for more voip tips.

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Our Services include Internet phone with free Internet calling and unlimited US and Canada plans.  We also offer prepaid phone service using our voice over IP system and an analog telephone adaptor.  The solutions are designed for home phone service, business phone service, call shops and cyber cafes.  Globalink is pleased to support Internet telephony equipment including Sipura, Porta Switch, Asterisk PBX and offer business opportunities to let entrepreneurs and businesses resell  voice over Internet under their brand name (voip - private label reseller).