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Using the latest Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) technology to make the world a smaller place!
What is VoIP?
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Globalink-Worldkom Private Label VoIP

Sell Private-Label Business-Class Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) Services Under Your Own Brand Name on our Porta Billing Softswitch. 

You can rent our voip porta softswitch for a low monthly charge and setup your own least-cost call routing, control your billing intervals, setup sub-resellers (agents), setup automatic billing and more. You only select the modules you need. You can easily upgrade to other modules as needed.

PortaSwitch is an IP Multimedia Subsystem or a software-based communication services and subscriber management platform allowing modern communication network providers to unify voice, data and fax traffic within a single network. This switch enables resellers to provide prepaid, postpaid, iptv, wifi, sms, international callback, calling cards, unlimited voip plans, hosted pbx and much more all on one easy to use switch. 

A ready replacement for Class 5 switches, PortaSwitch consists of a soft-switch and application servers. When coupled with a Cisco / Quintum Gateway, these provide access to the IP Centrex/IP PBX feature set on Internet telephone or circuit-switch technologies. This platform is highly scalable and using Globalink Hosted VoIP service, resellers can deploy service within days without expensive hardware investments.

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Globalink VoIP Service Demo

Porta SIP Switch Applications

PortaSwitch can provide a number of applications which address a comprehensive set of communication features aimed at today’s market opportunities. Our software-based approach increases user flexibility, lowers the cost of entry into enhanced service markets, and minimizes the deployment time and costs typically associated with a hardware-based solution.Learn more

PortaSIP flash


VoIP Customer Billing

Provides a comprehensive VoIP Customer Billing Software via a web browser. Porta Billing handles all aspects of VoIP services. Everything from Call Detail Records (CDR) to billing and managing customers can be done via Porta Billing.


portabilling flash

IP Centrex Hosted PBX

Features the calling functionalities that subscribers now expect, including call forwarding, voicemail, auto-attendant, follow-me, and so on. These services can be delivered via converged IP access for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Provides dial tone as well as personal and group calling features such as dial by name. IP PBX features web-configurable service management and eliminates the drawbacks common to most hardware-based solutions. Porta UM/Bridge  can be setup for phone conferencing services. Porta UM also has queue management for call center operations. The Porta UM IVR (Interactive Voice Response) has the ability to handle calls in other languages as well such as Russian and Spanish.

  • Reduced costs for MAC (Moves, Adds and Changes)

  • Single converged voice and data network at each location

  • Variable-length abbreviated dialing at each location

  • Consolidated long distance from all locations

  • Greater flexibility in deployment and maintenance

  • Superior functionality over traditional PBX

  • Services can be rolled out to specific departments or sites, or across multiple sites to replace and/or complement existing equipment

  • Unified Messaging Documentaion in PDF

  • Unified Messaging Documentation in HTML Learn more

PortaUM Flash new

Voice VPN

Call routing policies are often difficult to implement within a traditional system. Our Voice VPN application provides web-configurable enterprise and private dialing plans for routing site-to-site calls over private/public IP networks without such hassles. It works great in countries where voip may be restricted.

  • Private dialing plans integrate with a PBX or other network infrastructure

  • Rolling-out can target specific site-to-site long distance costs, or drive network-level voice/data convergence

The rapid and incremental deployment options available with Voice VPN allow service providers to offer the most competitive and diversified services while maximizing customers’ ROI and decreasing their upfront costs. Learn more

Callback and Calling Card Management

With Callback Management solution, service providers can enable users to initiate long-distance calls using a variety of origination methods, thus offering an alternative to costly outbound long-distance rates. Supported origination methods are:

  • Web

  • SMS

  • Email

  • ANI

Porta UM will now support Spanish language  for Calling Card applications. No need for expensive equipment as Porta UM will provide built-in hosted calling card services. All you need is a local access number routed via sip to Porta UM servers.

 Learn more

End User Automatic Device Setup

Linksys PAP2 Setup for Porta VoIP Service

Porta  autoprovisioning server can be setup for  Linksys and Sipura devices. This server enables client devices to automatically connect to Porta and download the profile or configuration settings. Each time the device connects it will update any username or password changes you make for the subscriber account. For more information please download autoprovisioning pdf

Globalink VoIP Virtual Reseller

We are committed to providing personal service to all our resellers. 


Please  Contact Us via our web form for fastest service as we do like to know more about you so that we can better assist you.


A real, live human being will respond (by email, chat, or phone) and answer  your questions and help you decide which plan will work the best for your needs. 



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