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Connecting to Globalink's VoIP network is easy. You will first need a SIP compatible IP phone. If you want to get started immediately, you can download a soft phone, like X-ten while you wait for your hard phone to arrive. Please click here for X-Lite Setup Info.

Basic info for device setup :-

Proxy : or ( please refer to email from Support)
Login :  your did number or account id
Password : your account password

The settings below are the most important ones so you experience the best quality we can offer.
Please ensure you have sufficient upload and download bandwidth and that your ISP does not block VoIP ports.
Some devices will not have some of these settings available.
You should set the available settings to match the ones below.

  •  NAT Keep Alive Enable: YES

  •  Proxy: or 

  •  Display Name: [Customer’s name]

  •  Password: [VoIP password]

  •  Auth ID: [Account ID]

  •  User ID: [Account ID]

  •  Use auth ID: YES

  •  Preferred Codec: g723 or g729a

  •  Use preferred codec: NO

  •  DTMF Tx method: Auto

Please follow your devices instructions to configure the phone you are using. Once configured, you should be able to pick up the handset and get a dial tone. This would indicate that the phone is successfully configured and registered with the network.

Dial *98 to check your messages (voice mail is enabled on your account)

You may also check your messages online at Worldkom.Net.

If you have sufficient credit on the account, you will be able to make calls to any landline or mobile number.

Dial *11 to hear your balance.

Please dial only country code and number as follows :-

For an example: If you are calling United Kingdom, please only dial 44 xxx-xxx-xxxx.
It is not necessary to dial any preceding numbers like 00.

Fax (FoIP) Setup

Basic Fax-over-IP  (FoIP) sample Sipura configuration for Globalink Porta Switch :-


Audio Configuration
Preferred Codec: Silence Supp Enable:
Use Pref Codec Only: Silence Threshold:
G729a Enable: Echo Canc Enable:
G723 Enable: Echo Canc Adapt Enable:
G726-16 Enable: Echo Supp Enable:
G726-24 Enable: FAX CED Detect Enable:
G726-32 Enable: FAX CNG Detect Enable:
G726-40 Enable: FAX Passthru Codec:
DTMF Process INFO: FAX Codec Symmetric:
DTMF Process AVT: FAX Passthru Method:
DTMF Tx Method: FAX Process NSE:
Hook Flash Tx Method: FAX Disable ECAN:
Release Unused Codec: FAX Enable T38:
FAX T38 Redundancy: FAX Tone Detect Mode:

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Hosted PBX is a phone service that utilizes a very secure location on the internet.
You don't need any special hardware or extra high-speed internet to use the system.
If you have questions or concerns about exactly how it works, please don't hesitate
to contact us, and we'll be glad to answer your questions.

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