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Globalink works with industry standard SIP protocol IP phones. There are three types: hard, soft and firm. Below is a brief description of each as well as example of phones that Globalink has tested and found to work with our system. Since Globalink does not dictate what type of IP phones that you can use with our system, there are quite a few variations in configuration and setup procedures.

LinkSys |Cisco ATA|Sipura |Porta Switch

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Hard phones are physical pieces of hardware that plug into your network typically through an ethernet connection. They are the best type to use as they have no dependency on a computer. This means that they will work whether your computer is turned off or does not exist at all. Also, it is very nice to use a regular handset style phone instead of a microphone and computer speakers. One potential disadvantage is that your home network needs to have an unused ethernet port in which to plug the phone in.



LinkSys |Cisco ATA|Sipura

Hard Phones - Linksys, Sipura, Grandstream, VidaLinkSys Hardware Pricing


Linksys SPA9000 PBX

The Linksys SPA9000 marries the rich feature set of legacy PBX telephone systems with the convenience and cost advantages of internet telephony. It has common key system features such as an auto attendant, shared line appearances, three way call conferencing, music on hold, "follow me" calling, and many more. The SPA9000 opens up access to the benefits of Voice Over IP, including low cost long distance service, phone number portability, and one network for both voice and data.

Globalink VOIP Pbx Service

Linksys Support

Linksys SPA9000 PBX Support

Soft phones are simply a piece of software that is loaded onto your computer and uses the computer's soundcard as a user interface. Most people start with a soft phone because of their low price (typically free) and availability (easily downloadable). The down side is that you do need a computer and it is often more difficult to use a microphone/headset than a traditional handset. Softphones - Xten, EyeP, SJ Labs

Firm phones are a combination of a soft and hard phone. They are handsets that plug into your computer which utilize intelligent drivers running on the computer to communicate with the network. They are a good compromise, both inexpensive and the ease of use with a handset. Most of these phones use a simple USB connection to interface to the computer. The down side is that they do need software drivers and a computer to work. Karry USB Phone

VOIP Products

UTStarcom  WiFI Portable Phone
UT Starcom F1000 WiFi Phone
Sipura Technology, inc.

The Wi-Fi portable phone is a revolutionary device that expands the reach of VoIP communications. It provides consumers a new cost effective way to communicate, with great features such as 3-way Calling, Call Waiting, Call Transfer and many popular features.

SIP Video Over IP Phone

SIP Video Phone from iGlobalink.NET

This SIP video phone works as simple as any other ordinary phone. You can view near TV quality while using this phone. The 30 frames per second (30fps) video will help you communicate better.

Key Features and Functions

  • Broadband Internet video phone using high speed Internet connection
  • Contact list shows name, number and picture for easy identification.
  • Normal telephone functions - redial, hold, mute, transfer, and speaker phone.
  • Privacy mode- Temporarily block the outgoing video images.
  • Internet Access function - access the Internet using a built-in web browser.
  • E-mail service - Send and receive e-mails using users' own email accounts.
  • Can also be used as your regular phone by pressing PRIVACY/TEL button.
  • IP video phone can be used as a sign language interface, remote surveillance, remote medical examination, and more.
  • Send and receive SMS (Short Message Service).
  • Supports wireless IR keyboard.
  • Personal Information Management System (phonebook, Call log, etc)
  • Supports dynamic IP (LAN, DSL, ADSL and Cable Modem)
  • Supports international standards; H.323 and SIP protocols.


Hosted PBX is a phone service that utilizes a very secure location on the internet. You don't need any special hardware or extra high-speed internet to use the system. If you have questions or concerns about exactly how it works, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll be glad to answer your questions.


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